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AS TexnoServis

AS TexnoServis has been operating since 2012 in order to execute construction projects. Built on a strong foundation, the company has implemented major projects with its high quality of service. It is one of the country's reliable construction companies. Our achievements in customer satisfaction and timely fulfilment of their orders are reflected in our work. We always try to justify confidence in us. Attracting local and foreign engineers, AS TexnoServis proved that it is a reliable and ambitious business partner among construction companies in the projects implemented over the past 5 years. We contribute to the development of the construction sector by promoting high quality of work in the projects that we carry out with our strong and perfect team. We are not content with innovations in the field of construction and we keep dynamic development.


Principles of Operation


“We continue to be Reliable Company Group that operates in an ethical and balanced manner in order to get privilege to be Selection Partner.”


“To complete any project at any time in any environment in favour of our customers, founders, employees and communities we serve, is one of our most important goals.”

Our Capacity

"ASTS has exclusive access to high quality technical equipment and engineering staff allowing quick mobilization of resources for new projects."