Human Resources










   “One of our most important goals is to become a company that meets the highest standards of human resources management, with a high professional quality, motivated and motivated young professionals and qualified managers who are constantly involved in developing and developing their own business.”


 Pakiza Aliyeva- Human Resources Manager












 “Project is a time-limited, purposeful, planned activity directed to the successful management within an agreed timescale and budget to get expected result with established requirements for outputs, outcomes, risks, expenditure and resource frameworks.”


  Teyyub Isqanadrov - Project Manager


















  “An aspect of the quality assurance process that consists of activities employed in detection and measurement of the variability in the characteristics of output attributable to the production system, and includes corrective responses."


 Calal Mustafayev - QC Inspector












 “Quality control is a set of methods used by organizations to achieve quality parameters or quality goals and continually improve the organization's ability to ensure that a software product will meet quality goals.”


  Elvin Veliyev - QC Engineer Assistant


















  “Our key position in the development of the Organization is to constantly review human resources, systems and processes and build on the needs.


Kamran Rustamov - Human Resources 













 “Accounting is instrumental within organizations as means of determining financial stability. Accountants are responsible for determining an organizations overall wealth, profitability, and liquidity. "


  Konul Gulushova - Accounting