Yasamal Housing Complex

This first campus will consist of 29 multi-family houses. 17 of them are planned to have twelve-storeyed twelve-storeyed and 12-storey 12-storeyed. Of these 1843 apartments, 324 apartments will be single, 1052 will be two-roomed, and 467 for three-room apartments. The area of one-storey apartments ranges from about 31 square meters to 33 square meters, the size of the two-room flats ranges from about 50 square meters to 58 square meters, and the three-room flats are approximately 70 square meters. All apartments will be offered in full renovation and with kitchen furniture.

One of the advantages of the selected space for the construction of the complex is its close location to the capital's main business centers. At the same time, the new transport infrastructure to be built in the area is expected to integrate Baku with the existing road and public transport network. This will allow the residents to reach their destination without much time.

A number of social facilities will be built in the complex along with apartments. Among them there is a 240-seat kindergarten and a 960-seat secondary school. Creation of appropriate social infrastructure in the area, as well as non-residential areas for public catering, household and other service facilities are also expected to be put into operation.